In English:
The Tarpot


1. The players make a circle. One of the players , the ‘Stickman’, starts going round the circle behind the players,  carrying a small stick in his hand. The players can’t look behind themselves when the ‘Stickman’ is passing them.

Tarpot 2

2. The ‘Stickman’ drops the stick behind one of the players in the circle. Then he goes round the circle, trying to get fast back to the place where he dropped the stick. If the player in the circle doesn’t notice the stick behind himself before the ‘Stickman’ comes back  he  has to go into the centre of the circle - the ‘Tarpot’.

Tarpot 3

3. But if he notices the stick he immediately starts running to the opposite direction than the ‘Stickman’ and tries to get back to his own place before the ‘Stickman’. 

Tarpot 4

4. If he gets there first he doesn’t have to go into the ‘Tarpot’. If you get into  the ‘Tarpot’ you have to stand there until someone else gets in there and you can go back to the circle and start playing again.

The Last Couple out of the Oven

Oven 1

1. One of the players will be chosen  the‘Catcher’.The other players have to stand in a queue in pairs.  The ‘Catcher’ stands in front of the queue – facing the queue. When the ‘Catcher’ shouts ‘The Last Couple out of the Oven ‘  the last pair in the queue has to start running. 

Oven 2

2. One of that pair runs along the right-hand side of the queue and  the other along  the left-hand side of the queue. They try to meet each other somewhere in front of the queue. If they can touch each other’s hands before the ‘Catcher’ catches either of them they are safe and they will become the first pair in the queue. 

Oven 3

3. If the ‘Catcher’ catches one of the runners that player will become  his pair. The player without a partner becomes the new ‘Catcher’.